My Youtube Channel – How to Create ?

What is My Youtube Channel?

A  YouTube channel is available to everyone who joins YouTube as a YouTuber. The channel is a home page for the user’s account. A user has Limited access to Some features.

After the user enters and approves the information, the channel shows the account name, a personal description, the public videos the member uploads, and any user information the member enters.

If you’re a YouTuber, you can customize the background and color scheme of your personal channel and control some of the information that appears on it and its called cover Photo and you can also use your own Logo of your Channel.

Some Businesses can also have channels. These channels are different from personal channels because they can have more than one owner or manager. A member can open a new business channel using a Brand Account.

In Business youtube channel All owners can upload videos and all managers can manage and edit it.

How to Create a Youtube Channel?

Anyone can create a Youtube channel but before the creation of the youtube channel, you should have Google Account.

1.Login at with your Google Account.

2. Now your Google Account Name is set as a Youtube Channel Name But if you want to different Name you Can Change it.

3. For creating 2nd New Channel clicks in Top right Corner at Logo of your Google account and Than Click at setting.

4. Click at Add or manage your channel(s).

5. Click at Create a New Channel.

6. Enter the Brand Account name. and click at Create.

All other settings are the same as your First Channel.

How to Create a Google Account?

1. Visit

2. Click at Sign In at Top Right Corner.

3. Click at Add Account.

4. Click at Create Account. For My Self

5. Enter the First Name and Last Name 

6. Username should be different from all other usernames

7.Enter Mobile Nuber for verifying and then enter Recovery Email and other information and click Next

8. Enter the code that you received at mobile number and click At Verify 

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