How to Hunermand Jawan program apply ?

The Hunermand Jawan program is a loan program for the young generation of Pakistan. The program advantage is that it provides loans at less intrust rate. The young students can join it and start their own business and they can provide jobs for others.

The program is launched by PTI ruling party chairman and Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. And he says it’s one of the steps that can Make Neya Pakistan.

How to Hunermand Jawan program apply?

Before applying to the program you should know that there is no need to fill the form and send it by the courier service. Just follow the steps online and Apply.

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How to ehsaas scholarship program 2019 online apply

The scholarship covers tuition fees and stipends.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The scholarships are applicable to the public sector and participating non-profit private sector colleges and universities
  • Students admitted on merit at any public sector university.
  • Family income should be below the poverty threshold.

How to apply for Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship

  • Visit the official website of the Higher Education Commission to apply online.
  • Completed forms along with necessary documents can also be submitted to the Financial Aid Office of the respective university.
  • Please do not send applications to HEC or BISP directly.

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